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Eric Church – Desperate Man (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyrics ‘Desperate Man‘ Boo boo Boo boo boo boo, boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo, boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo I’ve seen the Joshua Tree Got down on my knees Threw the Virgin Mother a prayer I’ve walked glass barefooted Strolled ‘cross the devil’s hot coal I’ve tried everything, […]

Eric Church – Hangin’ Around (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyrics ‘Hangin’ Around‘ How you spin, hit the door Get myself on down the road I picked my clothes up off the floor And on the wind I go Let it blow me where the [?] is born [?] Holding on to nothing But they’re holding me together Look at me hangin’ around Hangin’ around […]

Eric Church – The Snake (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyric ‘The Snake‘ Rattlesnake said to the copperhead “You give us vipers a real bad name You prey on the weakest, in fact for no reason No wonder we get blamed” Copperhead laughed, said “Kiss my ass! You can bark but there ain’t much bite You rattle that tail, but it’s fear I […]

LYRICS: Wizkid – Fever

Wizkid Lyrics ‘Fever‘ (Intro) Ahhhh Awww… Yeah, Yeah, Stayboy dey for you.. Oooouuuhhhmm… Starboy dey for you (Verse 1) Baby girl you fine you set oh Girl you make my eye dey red oh Anytime you no dey close to me, Yeah yeah yeaa Baby girl na you I want oh Baby shey na me […]

Falz – Sweet Boy (Lyrics)

FALZ LYRICS ‘SWEET BOY‘ [Intro] Wi-wi-willis gidem [Pre-Chorus] See person pikin see as he fresh If you see am dey come give am respect All white agbada check the Rolex If person think am too much person go vex See sauce dripping, liquor sipping Chicks want booking but I get them on looking See sauce […]

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