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Eric Church – Some of It (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyrics “Some Of It” Beer don’t keep Love’s not cheap And trucks don’t wreck themselves Mama ain’t a shrink Daddy ain’t a bank And God ain’t a wishin’ well Money ain’t rich Everybody sins And nobody wins in a fight And sometimes wrong is right Some of it you learn the hard way […]

Eric Church – Heart Like A Wheel (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyrics “Heart Like A Wheel” She’s caviar and mascara I’m corduroy and leather It’d take one hell of an imagination To ever paint us together Places I like to haunt at She wouldn’t be caught dead Don’t make sense to the neighbors, don’t look good on paper And sure don’t make sense in […]

Eric Church – Drowning Man (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyrics ‘Drowning Man‘ Don’t tell me about no beach Don’t wanna hear about your mountain How the good life is a peach You drink your sunsets from a fountain No I don’t wanna think about it Save your breath, I don’t wanna hear about it I just wanna get right down at the […]

Eric Church – Desperate Man (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyrics ‘Desperate Man‘ Boo boo Boo boo boo boo, boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo, boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo I’ve seen the Joshua Tree Got down on my knees Threw the Virgin Mother a prayer I’ve walked glass barefooted Strolled ‘cross the devil’s hot coal I’ve tried everything, […]

Eric Church – Hangin’ Around (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyrics ‘Hangin’ Around‘ How you spin, hit the door Get myself on down the road I picked my clothes up off the floor And on the wind I go Let it blow me where the [?] is born [?] Holding on to nothing But they’re holding me together Look at me hangin’ around Hangin’ around […]

Eric Church – The Snake (Lyrics)

Eric Church Lyric ‘The Snake‘ Rattlesnake said to the copperhead “You give us vipers a real bad name You prey on the weakest, in fact for no reason No wonder we get blamed” Copperhead laughed, said “Kiss my ass! You can bark but there ain’t much bite You rattle that tail, but it’s fear I […]

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